Custom Designed Chrome Trooper



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Custom designed Chrome Storm Trooper figures.

These figures are designed primarily for display, but light play is fine. The chrome coating can be chipped or scratched under heavy play.

(Please note - The Black figure will be sent with a Stormtrooper helmet, not the Ninja one shown)



  • Made from Genuine & New LEGO®parts, suitable for display and light play only
  • Dual-layer colour coated to give it rich and shiny surface
  • Coated in vacuum environment,minimizing dust marks.
  • Chromed Part: body, hands, legs, and helmet
  • Main colours:SILVER, BLACK, GOLD

About Chrome Manufacture Technique:

  • You may find tiny colour differences even on one minifigure;
  • You may find tiny dust mark although it's coated in vacumm environment;
  • Inside of hands are not considered as chromed so it's very easy to tear if it's holding weapons or other accessories, you can choose to keep it chromed by not holding anything at all; or it'll definitely crack and reveal the inside yellow hand when holding things.

Important Notice:

1) Some area of figure may not coated like inside of head,top of the neck,bottom of legs ,etc as they're either hiding inside or will not be seen when standing.

2) The figure you got may not exactly same as photo shown as there may be tiny colour difference or dust marks or other differences in different figures.