About Us

BrickSanity was setup in mid 2015.


In the past year alone, we have worked with LEGO Hong Kong, Disney, Brick Galleria, Kevin Hall, Sheffield LUG, TartanLUG, PayPal and LEGO Education to provide prints for various projects worldwide.

We also have great contacts and relationships with MOC builders all over the world. This has been the largest and most popular aspect of BrickSanity.. We love working with builders to provide exactly what they need to make their MOC's truly complete.

So, if it's a particular design you are looking to have printed on a part or figure, or if you are looking for something extra, from full flooring patterns to novelty items such as our Split Tile Photos.. We can safely say, we have you covered :)

For more updates, info, or to see the previous custom work we've done.. be sure to follow us on Instagram @BrickSanity_customs or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/bricksanity



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